Chronicle of the project: history, turning points, significant news, plans for the future.
Rare на испытниях!
2018, September
Geometrica made a revolution, updated the body.
She have two positions for hang now.
Rare на испытниях!
2018, April
The prototype of Rare has come for testing!
The new model will go on sale if everything goes as planned.
Geometrica готова!
2018, the Spring.
Geometrica went on sale!
I was looking for a composition for lightweight concrete for over a year.
Модель Geometrica
2016, December.
An avant-garde and uncompromising model of Geometrica was born. Work on the rest of the models went into the background, this model will be the first!
Три модели Roll-clock
2015, Summer.
Three models were born. Primul — is an aluminum case with a special surface finish and wooden elements. Rare — mahogany and copper (or brass). And the representative Supremum — is made of natural marble, with a height of more than one and a half meters.
In the spring of 2015, on the prototype, the possibility of manufacturing a watch with a new principle of time indication was confirmed.